Ravenfolk Edit



Stats +2 Int +1 Dex

Size: Medium

Humanoid but with black raven wings

Speed: Land 40ft, flight 40ft

Advantage of saving throws versus illusions

Proficiency in perception and acrobatics

Pass without Trace as a bonus action

1 Cantrip from the Wizard spell list 

Languages: Common and Auran 

Can shapeshift into a raven if choose to While a raven, can communicate with other ravens in order to bring in a flock to attack

Lore  A humanoid like a creature but with wings on their back, Ravenfolks look similar to angels or an Aarakocra but are more distinctly human than Aarakocra and are rare species than angels. Unlike Angels or Aasimars, Ravenfolks are not considered to be divine or full of radiance. Some don't know how they came to be or where did they come around. There are some stories or rumors on where they might've come from others are based off on myths. The Myth about it is that they were the "true" Kenku's and were seen to be able than the Kenkus. The other stories heard that a wizard created them on accident. The story goes that a wizard was experimenting on what will happen if a human and a raven combined by magic resulting in a person with raven wings. No one will know the real story about how they come to be.  Ravenfolk has an ability to transform into a raven if they needed to scout ahead for any sign of danger or to look what is ahead of the group. If they are in their humanoid form, they have wings on their back to fly around, black hair with possible raven feathers mixed in with the hair and a few tiny feathers across the body. It is mostly covered in public so that people will believe that they are angels but with black feathers. They aren't a social bunch but are considered to be intelligent creatures when it comes to planning and researching. 

Ravenfolk are not a kind to be seen as a good omen depending on how most people see them. Truly they are not angels or any divine beings, and people view ravens as evil when Ravenfolk are only present to search for knowledge and can be great messengers to those who wanted it to be done without getting caught or aren't able to use spells. They can slip through shadows and fly over head to get to their destination.