"I am not afraid…I was born to do this."

The Onna-Bugeisha are the wives and daughters of high ranking Samurai and in times of war who have been trained in warfare. Technically this was to protect their household, family, and honor if it became necessary, but in many cases widowed women had to become warriors to oversee their dead husbands estate or fend off invasions or coups while he was away. Many are just as devastating as diplomats and political manipulators as they are on the battlefield. Raised all their lives to be intensely social, their sudden transformation into warriors as competent as any man often throws their opponents off completely. 

Prerequisites In order to advance as an Onna-Bugeisha, you must meet the following prerequisites (in addition to the multiclassing prerequisites for your existing class): 

• Strength 13. 

• Wisdom 13. 

• Proficiency in the History skill. 

• Character level 5th. 

• Must be female and Nagoyan

Class Features: As a Onna-Bugeisha, you gain the following class features. 

Hit Points Hit Dice: 1d10 per Onna-Bugeisha level 

Hit Points per Level: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per Onna-Bugeishalevel 

Proficiencies Tools: None Saving Throws: None  Skills: None 

Equipment The Onna-Bugeisha prestige class does not grant any special equipment.

At level 1 in this class the character receives Military Training: The Onna-Bugeisha is a military occupation primarily and thus she gains 1 additional fighting style 

At level 2 in this class the character receives Highly educated:The Onna-Bugeisha gains expertise in two skills she has proficiency in.

At level 3 in this class the character receives Mind over Matter: Once per round when targeted by an effect that requires a Constitution or Dexterity Saving Throw, the Onna-Bugeisha may opt to use a Wisdom Save instead and if she passes the saving throw the ability has no effect upon her at all even if a save would mean half damage.

At level 4 in this class the character receives Mistress of Battle: The Onna-Bugeisha has master the arts of Bushido and as a result her forms in combat are a sight to behold and devastating to the enemy, she deals extr daamage with her weapon attacks equal to her Charisma modifier.

At level 5 in this class the character receives Jotei: The Onna-Bugeisha has mastered command of herself and the world around her and becomes Jotei. An inspiring figure on the battlefield. All Allies within 30' of the Jotei are immune to Fear and gain a +5 Bonus to Saving Throws against Mind-Affecting Effects.