Lamia Edit


Personality Edit

The personality of a Lamia varies heavily depending on how they are brought up; while most are rather calm, collected and mischievous, there are some who are rather manipulative, callous and deceptive.

Physical Description Edit

The upper body of a Lamia resembles that of an elf, with sharpened facial features and pointed ears. They also tend to be quite slender, with almost flawless skin and an unimaginable amount of beauty. Their lower body, as in everything below the waist, turns into something quite horrifying; a serpents tail replaces their legs, running as short as ten feet, although many are much longer.

Relations Edit

Their race is very tribal; as such, their relations with other races depend on where their tribe is based. However, the general consensus is that Elves are their ancestors; somewhere up the tree sits an elf. Without elves, Lamia would not exist, so almost every tribe you would come across get along well with Elves of all kinds, even Drow. Lamia also tend to get along with other reptilian races; this includes Dragons.

Ability Score Increase: +2 Charisma, +1 Strength

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 feet

Vision: Darkvision

Snake Body: You have a Climb Speed of 20 feet and a Swim speed of 30 feet. You can Crawl at at your normal speed, instead of halving your movement rate. You cannot use magical items based on footwear, such as Boots of Elvenkind.

Crushing Coils: You may attempt to grapple a creature that is no more than two sizes larger than you, and have Advantage on the Strength (Athletics) check to successfully grapple the target.

Prehensile Tail: A Laima can use its tail as a hand for all relevant purposes - taking actions, wielding a single-handed weapon, using an item, performing somatic components, etc.