Kull Edit


Alternate Names: The Soul-Gatherer, Madreen.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Greed, Evil, Death, Undeath, Orcs

Worshipped only in Domhanda, the Orcs of Arad Drumu refuse his teachings entirely.


Kull is malicious, cunning, and thoughtful. His chief interest is in souls; the pieces of Eraesaer's essence. These he has treasured since the beginning, and he hoards them to himself, and delights in manipulating them. He may take particular interest in strong or unique souls; and often he will try to twist these into servants for his own use. Many of the other gods are distrustful of him, at best, but he is known as a bargainer, and a maker of deals. Many of these throughout history have been made, even among the chief of the deities. But just as many times, Kull has been sent away for his malicious intents.


Kull is Madreen the elf that destroyed the Elder and Aurune and forced the gods to abandon them. He was cursed with the form of what would be known as Orc's by the gods. After this he fled for his life with Tycan his lover and there she gave birth to their children. Disgusted by the children's appearance as elves, he twisted them into his own image despite Tycan's objections which he silenced by beating and sexually abusing her. His fall was complete and the orcs were born to the world. Tycan managed to escape him when his affections were stolen away by Rashna. Rashna played the perfect mate, encouraging him in every foul idea he had in his angry twisted mind. Rashna used this to cement a relationship between the orcs and the Sarruhk. Kull is oblivious to Rashna's schemes, seeing her as no more then a plaything.

His ways have not changed, except in that he became fascinated with the new phenomenon called death, and he collected the souls that contained the life that was spawned by his brother. They became his treasures and his obsessions, as well as his bargaining chips with the other gods in many cases.

Physical Manifestations

When Kull takes on corporeal form, he walks about as figure robed in black, not after the likeness of any creature of the world. He may appear simply as a shade or wrath, or as a strange, deformed mixture of the features of elves and orcs. Save for the cloak, his appearance when he manifests is rarely the same twice