Coryle The Fallen Elvish nation

Climate: temperate Area: 67,890sq miles  Demographics: none only the dead and the abhorrent call Coryle home Capital: Frewlyn

A country that was beautiful in a way only the finest elven poetry could describe, now completely dead down to a microscopic level according to the high druids and wizards. The land is corrupted by the touch of evil, nothing can live there and least nothing natural. Such is the damage done to the land it has attracted bodaks and gaunts, it is a cursed place and a place of deepest sorrows. The bodies that litter the land that do not walk from necromantic energies have not been fully accounted for. Even after the battle it took lives for sickness and disease. The air is filthy with ash and the water brackish and acidic. The ground is blackened and almost like sand. 

Yet still the elves come back to recover and look for their lost with hope beyond hope, all they find is shattered dreams and no more. The battle on this awful landscape was bloody in the extreme and it proved to be a tactically sound decision to have the last battle on its borders with Nagoya, anything that dies in Coryle comes back as an undead that infects others and spreads outwards. Tales of soldiers screaming and being held down to have bitten infected limbs amputated are among the mental images those who survived cannot forget every time they blink.