Chthonia is the North-Western home of the Chthonic Zeran's and as they constitute the Chaotic Evil aspect of the Zeran race they have no city and roam the area in vast marauding war-bands killing and conquering one another. Chthonia is vast bleak mist covered highly acidic salt marsh, the water basin forever tainted by sulphuric deposits from the volcanic disturbances that wrack that area as a whole. Chthonic Zerans take on a fiendish, demonic appearance with green wings and sharp teeth and claws and red horns. Each is wracked with an underlying need to destroy everything and everyone else and stand above the slain bodies of others. When Chthonic Zeran's go to war they do so in frenzied hordes lead by one supreme Warord who is simply the most powerful of them. Chthonic Zeran's have an affinity for acid and use it for horrifying acts of violence.

The current warlord is Kyphus Marroweater, a massive bloated individual who has made numerous demonic pacts and has a brood of cambion from the succubi harem that he keeps.

Chthonic Zeran's live by might = right, you want something you take and if you lose it then you were weak in the first place. This goes for everything and they live in small groups with a dominant male and all the females are his and success is measured by the strength of their loins.

Betrayal and violence are meat and potatoes for them and destroying and conquering the other tribes is the ambition of each of male heads of the smaller groups.