Blood Dragon 

The Order of the Blood Dragon was once a celebrated knightly order in Caraselle however in the time of the night, they were changed into vampires. However they did not full lose their sense of honour and embraced eternity, seeking to master their martial prowess. Only the strong can become a Blood Dragon and they seek to find and drink from only worthy adversaries and powerful beasts like dragons.

The Necrolord  Necrolord Vampires are perhaps the most terrifying of all the lords of Caraselle. Most Vampires retain their Human features when they join the ranks of the Undead, but something in the blood of the Necrolords is tainted and foul. Their physical corruption begins as soon as they enter the ranks of the Undead. Skeletal and reeking with the stench of charnel houses, the Necrolord Vampires are truly a horrifying sight. Despite their appearance, however, Necrolords are highly intelligent. They live in high towers, where they study the Heavens and the secrets of dark magic. From time to time they summon the dead that sleep in the catacombs and tombs around their dwellings and go conquer the lands of the mortals. Worse still they feed on the blood of arcane magic users, stealing their power and life and using it for their own foul devices.

Feral Thirster 

Feral Thristers are desperate creatures, hated by both the living and the Undead. Once the proud brood of Noctus the Lord of Bats, the brood were laid low when Derwynd Knights destroyed their home. Driven into the dark places they regressed into a terrible feral state. These hunched monstrosities lack any semblance of human appearance. They lost their minds bit by bit and now just leave piles of half eaten corpses wherever they go and refuse to acknowledge the ruling vampire clans.