Arad Drumu The wild sands

Climate: Hot Arid Area: 214,768 sq miles  Demographics: 51% goblin, 20% Orc/Half-orc, 25% Hobgoblin, 2% Bugbear, 2% other. Capital: Try-Ne-Trh

Arad Drumu is a huge vast sweeping desert country with oases scattered all over it like freckles on a human face. Amongst these are dozens of smaller forts and castles owned by the various warlords. Before the war Arad was ruled with an ironfist by the Hobgoblins who had the larger fortifications built but after the war its broken down into dozens of small factions claiming independence from each other. 

The Drumun's suffered some of the most horrifying casualty numbers in the war, orcish tribes were extinguished and their traditions lost forever, goblins used as arrow fodder lines died in the tens of thousands. Once a proud nation they struggle to maintain even the most basic order but have had assistance from the dwarves whom before the war were a sworn enemy. The warbands each have different leaders with different ideas as to how the country should be run. Tensions are running high but violence is not on the table yet, most are afraid that violence now would mark the death of their country. Numbers are beginning to rise but the generations that have been lost are proving hard to replace.

Korbad City Korbad lies apart from the rest of Arad Drumu, both physically and psychologically. Geographically cut off from the rest of the land by the towering Druin Mountains and made nearly unreachable from the sea by the perilous Fool’s Rocks, travelling to Korbad is no easy task—a fact Korbadians relish, for only their pilots and navigators are able to safely guide ships to the harbour, for a fair sum of course. By virtue of its geography Korbad is rather insular, choosing to keep itself from the squabbling of the tribes across the Arad Drumu and its Sand Sea. This often rankles with the other tribes that take this as a show of Tobaran arrogance. Korbad is on good terms with Kel Kazardad, much to the jealousy of the other states, and of the few foreign vessels to be found within the harbour, at least half will be from Kel Kazardad. Korbad has little to trade in the way of luxuries; its wares are, as befits the down to earth nature of its people, of a much more basic nature—most commonly ore mined from beneath the city, traded for less readily obtained items such as foodstuffs.