Alpinas Edit

The eastern slopes of the northern Norken Mountains are covered with thick conifer forests that stretch far out onto the central plains, jutting up against the icy tundra of Ashur in the north. Even though Bearfolk control this area in force, they have never formed an organized nation: instead, hundreds of villages and roaming bands dot the landscape for hundreds of miles. The few open plains are cold and windswept, forbidding travelers from making roots. No one is sure how many Bearfolk camps there are. Few bands sustain a population of more than a hundred. The largest and only permanent settlement, over 1500 strong, is Makniculsh, ruled by Raknash.

Though animalistic and tribal, the Bearfolk prefer to keep to themselves. They have a devotion to nature many other species admire. The Bearfolk of Alpinas are considerably larger and more savage than their kindred in the Feywild, and remain disdainful of the trappings of civilization which some of the southern lines have come to embrace.

Nevertheless, many now wield weapons forged for them by the Azer of Fargon to aid in their endless war against the Gavstorian Empire. This may eventually might cause problems in the future if the Gavstorian finally overwhelm their enemies; the Azer are in little position to fight such an empire