Acionna Edit


Alternate names: The Sea Princess, Lady of the Waves, The Dreaming Sea Alignment: Neutral Good Domains: Water, Community, Protection, Good Worshipped in Domhanda

Acionna is the goddess of good seafaring folk and communities. She places great value in helping others and instructs her worshippers to preform acts to help the community rather then prayers. She is kind and beautiful and often appears as beautiful woman with a long following gown or a narwhale in the water. She used most of her divine powers to protect a number of seaside communities during the Black Sun year and this left her drained and she collapsed into a comatose state and is now still like that in a pool of water hidden and protected underneath the Ruarstead.

Her clerics know she is alive and actively seek to help her recovery, each prepared to give their all as their goddess has done. Whether she will recover or not is just speculation but her guardians will not give up